Learning Experience Design Reading List

The NIIT learning experience design team has put together a list of our favorite readings. If you have suggestions for other things we should include, please let us know!

What We’re Reading Right Now

These are the things we’re really into right now.

Daniel Willingham

Daniel Willingham is a prolific thinker and author in the learning space. He maintains a site with links to some of his favorite articles. Definitely worth bookmarking.

Seymour Papert

Seymour Papert set off a huge debate in learning when he wrote an article asserting that game designers have a better handle on learning than instructional designers. Food for thought.

Hack Education

Hack Education is on our heavy rotation list. Their list of the 100 biggest edtech debacles of the 2010s is definitely worth a look.

Washing Post Op Ed

An op-ed discussing one of the things people get wrong about disruption in the edtech space. TL;DR: Ineffective learning approaches do not become revolutionary when you put them online.

Why Gen Z Learners Prefer Youtube

An interesting article exploring how Gen Z learners utilize YouTube, and why they prefer it.

Michael Dearing – Harrison Metals

Michael Dearing has really interesting ideas about the importance of start conditions when building creative products. Check out the article he published on Medium, then head over to his site for more.

Some Things We’ve Written

NIIT design teams publish frequently. Here’s some of the stuff we really like.

Gregg Collins on E=MC5

NIIT’s head of design and Chief Learning Scientist, Gregg Collins, discusses his groundbreaking approach to creating fun, effective, efficient learning – E=MC5.

Compulsion Loops and Learning

We’re really into game-based learning. We’re also really disappointed when we see how games are typically used in training. This article explains why game-based learning doesn’t live up to the hype, and shares thoughts on how to fix it.

Critical Mistake Analysis

Learning happens naturally when we’re able to engage in authentic practice with expert coaching. Figuring out exactly what to practice is a challenge. This article explains how.

Bad Ideas in Learning

In this video, Gregg Collins takes a critical look at some of the most widely believe, but thoroughly debunked theories in learning.

Other Things You Might Want to Check Out

Here is a longer reading list of things that have shaped the way our learning experience design team thinks about learning.

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