A Horoscope for Creatives by Adobe and IBM

IBM recently teamed up with Adobe to offer a free course on aesthetic design on the IBM SkillsBuilder platform. As a fan of design, IBM, and Adobe, I had to check it out. I was not disappointed.

While the course targets a beginner crowd, the videos are well done. I’d recommend the course to creatives based on the quality of media craft on display alone.

The course begins with an exercise in which you determine your creative type. This feels like a cross between a Myers-Briggs style personality assessment for creatives, and a creative horoscope designed to help you hook up with just the right sign. I haven’t gone down the research rabbit hole quite yet, but I suspect it is just accurate enough to be a pretty useful tool for building and tuning creative teams.

You can check out the self assessment here.

Oh, and bonus: you’ll get a cool avatar.

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