Bad Ideas in Learning

One of the talks I give regularly is a rant about various bad ideas in learning that I don’t like. I initially started doing this mainly as therapy for myself, but I found that other people seem to get some cathartic value of it as well. Anyway, I gave my most recent version of this talk in a webinar I did for the Learning and Performance Institute (LPI).

In this one, the targets I attack are:

  1. Learning styles
  2. Short attention spans
  3. Awareness training
  4. 70/20/10
  5. Bloom’s taxonomy
  6. Serious games
  7. Learning in the flow of work
  8. The accelerating pace of change
Gregg Collins takes on bad ideas in learning.

If you are someone who enjoys a good rant, and want to be able to argue your position effectively against bad ideas in learning, this might be worth a watch.

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