Learning, Natural and Artificial

The Intelligent Design Series || Part 02 I have never let my schooling interfere with my education. Mark Twain Nature has not adapted the young Read More →

Bad Ideas in Learning

One of the talks I give regularly is a rant about various bad ideas in learning that I don’t like. I initially started doing this Read More →

How People Learn

The Intelligent Design Series || Part 01 Making correct predictions in pursuit of a goal is a pretty good definition of “intelligence”. Steven Pinker Mistakes Read More →

Unfair Tests and Natural Learning

A recent New York Times Magazine article (“Why Flunking Exams is Actually a Good Thing,” Sep. 4, 2014) describes a fascinating line of research by Read More →

Real Time 3D Training

We’ve been building simulations since our research lab days (at the Institute for the Learning Sciences at Northwestern University). We’ve used a slew of different Read More →

Seymour Papert on games in education

Seymour Papert cofounded the MIT media lab and was a pioneer in the field of artificial intelligence, but his lifelong interest has been on education, and especially Read More →

How Games Drive Learning

It seems like almost everyone these days is trying to apply game-like approaches to training. It’s easy to see why. Video games are intense and Read More →