Fosway Releases 9-Grid Report

Fosway just released their nine-grid report on learning providers in Europe. They’ve categorized NIIT as a potential leader based on the scope and sophistication of the solutions we provide.

The report also includes Fosway’s observations on the market and their predictions on where they think the industry is headed. A largely paraphrased recap follows — the full Fosway report is available here.

On the Market:

  • Digital learning demand is growing fast, but products are growing in complexity, so it’s increasingly difficult to make informed vendor selections.
  • Page-turner learning is out, full-cycle workplace learning is in.
  • Digital learning marketplaces are significantly disrupting buyer behavior.

On the Solutions:

  • More is needed than just “adding creativity to traditional eLearning.” The market is looking for new content formats and complete, campaign-based solutions.
  • Video is mainstream.
  • Micro-Learning is an over-hyped trend.
  • Agile learning thinking will replace 70:20:10 in corporate learning strategy.
  • Speed to impact is the new top measure of a vendor — agile is in, ADDIE is out.
  • Personalized learning is a key differentiator.
  • Next generation content search is growing – meaning content that’s discoverable outside of courses and the LMS.
  • Mobile learning is table stakes – whether or not clients use it.
  • AR/VR’s best business case might be remote collaboration.
  • Curated content continues to grow, and could find the mainstream in 2018.
  • Most are behind the curve on realizing the potential of AI.

Most of these track with my own opinions, with a couple exceptions.

  • Digital Reality technologies are reaching a tipping point, and will soon eclipse other solutions in the market – this is in line with leading thought, including what we’re seeing from Deloitte. Whether or not AR and VR ever take off in learning, robust simulations that allow for deliberate practice almost certainly will.
  • The benefits of AI in learning haven’t yet been demonstrated, and might be nothing more than hype. Time will tell.


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